Recipe NameButtermilk pancakes w/ banana caramel, maple & butter
Anchor FP IngredientsWestern Star unsalted butter
Prep Time10 min
Cook Time8 min
Dietary Notesvegetarian
Step 1Buttermilk pancake batter: serves 4 pancakes
250gPlain flour
2 tblspSugar
0.5 tspSalt
0.5 tspBaking powder
0.5 tspBaking soda
3 tblspWestern star unsalted butter-melted
Step 2banana caramel
230g Sugar
4ea Bananas — chopped
500ml Anchor culinary cream
4 sheetsGelatine (vegetarian) — dissolved
Step 3To serve
3eaCooked pancakes
50 gWestern star unsalted butter-small diced and chilled
50mlGolden syrup
Step 1. Pancakes
Combine flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda and eggs to a bowl. Whisk to combine ingredients.
Slowly add the butter milk to form a smooth batter, avoid over-mixing, add melted butter. Allow to rest for 5 minutes, add batter to a heated grill and cook until golden and fluffy.
Step 2. Banana caramel
Add sugar to a pot, place on a medium heat until the caramel is formed, add chopped banana and cream. Bring to a simmer until the caramel is dissolved 
Add dissolved gelatine, and blend to a smooth cream. Place in a lined tray at desired thickness. Refrigerate to set
Once set cut into desired shapes
Step 3. Serve
Layer pancakes with knobs of butter and add banana caramel