Family Fun day at Wallarah Bay Recreation Club, Gorokan, NSW, hosted by Nestle Professional to relaunch Buondi Coffee. Photography by Quentin Jones/thinkMammoth. 2 April 2023.

Have you ever considered hosting an event at your venue? Events are a fantastic way to attract new customers, build loyalty with existing ones, and spotlight venue offerings.

If you’ve been in the hospitality game for a while, you’ve probably seen your fair share of businesses doing their best to try to capitalise on calendar events. Yet finding the right mix between anchoring your event to a meaningful purpose, featuring new products, while also connecting with the local community is not always easy.

When you do get the balance right, events can be a powerful tool to generate more business and offer customers a unique and memorable experience.

Perfecting this balance is exactly what the Wyong Leagues Group achieved, made possible by a coffee brand that’s the perfect fit for one of their venues.

Quentin Jones/thinkMammoth.

Buondi Good Day Out Festival drives customer uptick

Buondi Complex Soul is the blend of choice at the Wyong Leagues Group’s Wallarah Bay Recreation Club. As the lightest roast of the three blends offered by Buondi, Complex Soul is versatile and has a smooth toffee finish. Tailoring an event around this blend, Buondi and the Wyong Leagues Group hosted the ‘Good Day Out’ Festival at the Wallarah Bay Recreation Club.

The family-friendly coffee celebration was held by Tuggerah Lake on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The event saw more than 300 self-confessed coffee lovers enjoying a morning of live music, face painting for the kids, and an abundance of lawn games.

Locals came down to relax in the festivities, enjoying complimentary cups of Buondi coffee, and delicious Complex Soul infused chocolate and toffee treats for the less caffeine inclined.

According to Brock Molan, Wyong Leagues Group Food and Beverage Manager, the day was a huge success. It saw a mix of regular patrons and many first-time customers enjoying the event, driving revenue outside of normal peak times and footfall from passers-by.

“The Good Day Out Festival was a huge success! It was a great turnout, and we were delighted with the diversity of the attendees. We also saw many new faces that got to experience our newly refurbished dining area and our coffee offering,” said Molan.

“Together with our coffee partner, Buondi, we put the spotlight on the Complex Soul blend. Complex Soul is a bit of an all-rounder and really appeals to the Wallarah Bay Recreation Club customer, and we saw this in full at the Festival. It was great to see such excitement and high engagement with locals on a Sunday morning, outside of our usual busy period!”

Check out the Good Day Out festivities in full swing here.

Quentin Jones/thinkMammoth.

Why did Wyong Leagues Group chooses Buondi as its coffee partner?

With the help of the expert team at Nestlé Professional, Wyong Leagues Group executed an impactful local event that not only connected with the community, and in turn engaged new customers, but allowed patrons to have a newfound appreciation for the coffee served at the venue.

When club operators choose Buondi, they’re choosing the trusted service and experience of Nestlé Professional – backed by more than 30 years of expertise in delivering tailored coffee solutions to pubs and clubs across Australia.

“The relationship with Nestlé Professional is a natural fit and continues to go from strength to strength. Not only does Buondi coffee tie in well with our client base, but the team understands us and the preferences of our clientele. The product quality both meets and exceeds our needs,” stated Brock.

“Nestlé Professional is completely immersed and involved in what we do. From technical support to barista training, as well as a high level of service, the team has helped us maintain our position as a leader in the club industry.

Photography by Quentin Jones/thinkMammoth.

Buondi – ‘Crafted For Now’

Buondi coffee, by Nestlé Professional, is created for Aussies who love to enjoy a cuppa at venues, such as pubs and clubs. Recently relaunched with fresh new range names and modern packaging, Buondi is designed to elevate the coffee experience within these locations.

Buondi beans are expertly roasted and blended in Gympie Queensland to suit the Australian palate and lifestyle. With a heart for sustainability, 90 per cent of Buondi roasted coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ (RFA).

The brand is founded on the belief that people deserve experiences and moments that are enriched by good coffee. Whether it’s a smooth cup of coffee after dinner at the pub, or a cuppa at the local club while catching up with friends, Buondi is crafted for now.

Each of the three Buondi roasted blends are designed to connect to a particular mood and life moment:

  • Dark Spark helps you get through the day. This 100 per cent, RFA certified dark blend cuts through milk perfectly, boasting a rich aroma of brown sugar and maple syrup.
  • Steady State is ideal for any time of the day. With its delicate, nutty aroma and creamy chocolate notes, this versatile blend is easy to enjoy with or without milk.
  • Complex Soul invites you to hit ‘pause’ before taking on the rest of the day. This subtle blend, with beans that are 90 per cent RFA certified, has a nutty, malt-like aroma. Complimented further when served with milk, it promises a smooth long toffee finish.

“Alongside great food and drinks, a good coffee can be the icing on the cake and can positively influence your perception of a venue. That’s why Buondi is the ideal offering for us a at Wallarah Bay,” concluded Brock.

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