Proudly Australian-made, Birch & Waite has won the title of ‘best hollandaise’ at the 2024 ChefsDecision™ Awards, as voted by Australian Professional Chefs.

For more than 30 years, Birch & Waite has been on an endless pursuit for culinary perfection and innovation. Today, Birch & Waite’s premium product range extends from mayonnaise to dressings, sauces, relishes, and desserts. They unlock creativity in the professional and home kitchen, enabling chefs and consumers to enjoy fresh, chef-quality, batch-crafted products without compromise.

This is the fourth ChefsDecision™ Award for Birch & Waite, having previously taken the crown for both mayonnaise and hollandaise and being the reigning champion for both.

“We are grateful for the recognition of our hollandaise. Our team created this in partnership with our chef customers along with the Australian farmers who we trust to provide us with the finest ingredients,” says Birch & Waite Chief Executive Officer Paul O’Brien.

Run by ChefPanel, an Australian company specialising in FoodService research, ChefsDecision™ recognises Australia’s very best FoodService products and services. ChefPanel surveyed 329 FoodService decision makers who scored the hollandaise ChefsDecision™ Awards based on taste, versatility, texture, ease of use, and value-for-money. Birch & Waite’s hollandaise sauce was judged the best amongst the leading FoodService hollandaise products available.

A local business with over 30 years of homegrown heritage, Birch & Waite believes that exceptional taste starts with the finest, fresh Australian ingredients, combined with batch crafted techniques and authentic chef-standard recipes.  Birch & Waite’s endless pursuit for culinary perfection and innovation continues to set the benchmark in Australia for superior quality mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, relishes, and desserts.

About Birch & Waite hollandaise

Birch & Waite’s authentic hollandaise sauce is deliciously creamy with a subtle lemon finish that adds instant flavour and visual appeal to any dish. Made from pasteurised eggs, our fresh-chilled hollandaise tastes scratch-made and is a safe, easy-to-use option for busy breakfast and brunch services. Available in a convenient 1L squeezy bottle, our hollandaise sauce is gluten-free with no palm oil or added preservatives.

About Birch & Waite

Birch & Waite was founded over 30 years ago, with a vision to provide superior quality fresh chilled products for the professional, or home-based chef.

Birch & Waite’s passion for superior quality food began when our founder Willi Schultheiss migrated from rural Switzerland, he longed for a fresh and creamy whole-egg mayonnaise just like he enjoyed back home. So in 1990, in collaboration with co-founder Peter Flick, they took seventy-three attempts to perfect Australia’s first fresh European-style whole-egg mayonnaise.

This endless pursuit of culinary perfection and innovation, led us to partner with many of Australia’s leading chefs which shaped us into who we are today: the benchmark for superior quality mayonnaise, dressings, relishes, sauces, and desserts.

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