Discover Bega’s highest-quality creams

Bega Foodservice produces some of Australia’s highest quality creams and culinary products under some of our nation’s most iconic brands including Dairy Farmers, across a national footprint of manufacturing sites throughout the country.

The products are available in a variety of sizes and packaging options to suit all types of foodservice businesses and have been produced to exacting quality standards to meet the demanding needs of discerning professionals.

The Dairy Farmers brand features products made from milk sourced from more than 130 farms nationwide, leveraging the passion and expertise of a proud dairy community who have nurtured farms for generations.

Proudly Australian owned and made, and free from artificial flavours or additives, the Bega Foodservice creams and culinary range brings together a premium selection of quality products which have long been trusted ingredients in a wide variety of cuisines and recipes across Australian foodservice.

Popular products in the range include:

Dairy Farmers cooking cream

Developed in conjunction with and tested by an accredited chef, Dairy Farmers cooking cream heats quickly to high temperatures without burning or splitting. Featuring a full cream taste profile, it stays at the ideal viscosity for sautéing, reducing, pan-frying, baking and freezing. Available in a 2 litre bottle ideal for smaller outlets and to minimise wastage.

Dairy Farmers thickened cream

Containing at least 35 per cent fat for thick, creamy consistency, Dairy Farmers thickened cream is ideal for both sweet and savoury applications and whips to 2.5 times its volume with excellent holding capability. Ideal for adding richness to sauces, desserts and soups.

Dairy Farmers sour cream

Rich, tangy and gelatine-free, it’s the ideal ingredient for dipping and garnishing, and great for adding a zesty twist to your dish. The perfect choice for baking, desserts and dips, it’s also vegetarian friendly.

Dairy Farmers buttermilk

Imparting an authentic buttermilk taste across baking and cooking, it can be used in both savoury and sweet recipes and adds a distinctive richness and inimitable flavour essential for certain cuisine styles.

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