Cargo Crew have long understood the intrinsic link between hospitality, quality service, and a modern uniform delivering a memorable customer experience. Outfitting over 45,000 crews in 82+ countries from barista to front of house, suiting to chef wear, their considered design has always been built for work.

21 years on and Cargo Crew are still at the forefront of delivering modern designs that provide functional performance which unites teams and enhances a venues aesthetic. Cargo Crew are committed to creating products that work harder and deliver more.

“Whilst we continue to create considered uniform designs that meet our clients’ needs, we also have a firm focus on research and development to deliver sustainable uniform solutions that are created for good” Felicity Rodgers, founder and creative director at Cargo Crew.

The latest addition to the Cargo Crew apron range is the new Harry bib apron, which is made using post-consumer plastic waste. Each Harry apron contains at least four recycled bottles, so not only are they built to last, but your team know you’re making a better uniform choice for the planet.

Consumers and staff are becoming more conscious of fast fashion and poor-quality garments. Uniforms are put through their paces everyday, so need to be designed to last and well tested to ensure they’re fit for purpose.

Hospitality venues know the power of a uniform in not only uniting a team and making them easily identifiable, but more importantly, the impact a smart uniform has on the customer.

A modern uniform sets the tone of a venue from welcome to check please. Chat to the team at Cargo Crew today to elevate your venue: