From its industrial roots as a bustling coal port to its transformation into a vibrant coastal city, Newcastle has undergone significant changes over the past century.

The city’s journey is now reaching its pinnacle with the exceptional transformation of a heritage icon — The Station. This architecturally renowned former train station located in the heart of the historic East End is poised to undergo a rare and momentous revitalisation.

This unique 1 hectare site is zoned for tourism and hospitality and with a long-term lease of up to 99 years available. The aim is to create a ‘must-visit’ destination that attracts both locals and visitors.

The Station of yesteryear

Originally built in 1858, The Station’s initial buildings — characterised by detailed Victorian architecture —  marked a revolutionary chapter in regional rail offering unprecedented access to and from Newcastle.

The iconic red brick façade of The Station’s central building, edged by two end wings, is a monument to the city’s great past and exciting future. Unusually built parallel to the tracks, it played an important role in the street-scape of Scott Street.

The Station of today

A cherished hub for social and cultural activities, The Station brings together the best of what Newcastle has come to be known and loved for — an enviable lifestyle and a thriving tourism sector.

Combining historic structures, a spacious landscaped piazza and a coveted city location with stunning views of the waterfront, The Station is amongst the city’s most valuable historic assets with unprecedented repurposing potential.

The site’s zoning opens up possibilities for an extensive array of commercial activities, with flexibility for the establishment of new and diverse businesses.

Newcastle; a hotbed of investment

Ambitious developments have been popping up all over Newcastle in recent years with a surge in new hotels, housing options and commercial projects. The NSW Government has made considerable investments in infrastructure and private developers have substantially increased their spending choosing Newcastle over the likes of Melbourne and Sydney.

A city of growth and opportunity, the workforce has grown significantly in the areas of advanced manufacturing, aerospace, defence, tourism and energy — attracting top talent and skilled workers to support local start-up businesses.

An enviable lifestyle

One of the many reasons Newcastle has experienced such an exponential growth in popularity is its stunning natural surroundings. With its world-class coastline and pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes and renowned wineries just a stone’s throw away it’s not hard to find yourself drawn to the endless opportunities for exploration. 

A jam-packed yearly calendar of major events makes for an exhilarating and vibrant city scene, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening in the city.

A rare long-term lease opportunity

The Station has the potential to further tap into this already thriving energy, becoming a dynamic hub for cultural gatherings, social events and community engagement.

The extended lease on offer, up to 99 years, presents a truly unique opportunity to revitalise a special slice of Newcastle’s heritage while capitalising on the city’s burgeoning cultural and economic landscape.

Within 200m of two light rails stops, 360m from Newcastle Beach and with beautiful views of the harbour foreshore, its location is unparalleled and creates the perfect backdrop for an array of new businesses and venues to thrive.

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