Restaurant technology can help your staff succeed in both small and big ways. Implementing tech at different touchpoints is a proven way to combat labour shortages, manage operations, and make your staff’s lives easier.

Here’s how restaurant technology can help your staff and business thrive in this economy.

First, let’s take a look at some stats:

On average, restaurants use three technology vendors for their managing back-office operations.

We know that the hospitality industry needs alternatives to power their recovery as resources continue to be a challenge. Let’s dig into the ways tech can help restaurants succeed:

  1. Use Opentable for reservation management
  2. Use an auto-attendant
  3. Optimise your Google Business Profile
  4. Implement QR codes
  5. Simplify delivery with Hubster

‍ Use Opentable for reservation management:  Restaurant technology comes in handy when it comes to reservations. Requiring reservations helps you manage orders and increases customer touchpoints. But there’s only so much time in a day for your staff to field phone calls. Opentable is an amazing platform for reservation management and smooth shifts for your staff.

Use an auto-attendant or chatbot: Using an auto-attendant to respond to calls and a chatbot for instant messaging can save guests hold times and share FAQs. It also provides a better employment experiment for your staff, freeing them to focus on in-house operations.

Optimise your Google Business Profile: Did you know the average optimised Google Business Profile listing gets 5x more views than a listing that has not been optimised? Having easily discoverable info about your restaurant is a surefire way to decrease your staff’s time on the phone.

Simplify delivery with Hubster: ‍ Designed to decrease delivery headaches, Hubster sends your orders straight to the kitchen and lets you manage all your orders in one place. You can also easily update menus across apps, understand delivery performance, and enjoy automated marketing features to boost sales.

Hubster partners with delivery apps, such as UberEats, Doordash and Deliveroo as well as POS solutions, such as Square, Triniteq, Revel, IdealPOS, Abacus, Startec and more so you can easily manage and add integrations.

Implement QR codes: ‍ The pandemic popularised the use of QR codes. Many restaurants are keeping contactless menus and ordering systems to save staff hours. In fact, QR code payments will see a growth of 240% between 2020 to 2025.

Set up QR code ordering so your customer’s orders can go straight from their phone to the kitchen – it’s also ridiculously easy to set up with Direct Orders by Hubster. QR codes and self-ordering kiosks also lets your staff handle more orders, which means more tips and motivation for your staff.

Looking for more ways to improve your restaurant’s delivery performance? The team at Hubster is here to help you increase efficiency and sales while decreasing stress and chaos. 

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