Smoothies are a great way to reach out to an increasingly health-conscious customer whilst providing a bit of variety to your food and drink offering.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should be showcasing Lifèßmöothe smoothies on your menu .

1.  Smoothies are trendy on foodservice menus

The Australian smoothie market is worth approximately $453 million and is expected to grow at 2% over the next five years, particularly as COVID-19 has elevated the demand for vitamin-rich drinks.

Lifèßmöothe’s frozen smoothie range is designed to cater to all taste buds and seasons, offering 18 different flavours made with 100% real fruit and vegetables and packed in biodegradable plastic sachets. Whether it be Beta Immunity to naturally boost your immune system or Super Greens to get your 5 a Day in, Lifèßmöothe’s variety enables flavour rotation on menus that can offer customers ‘something new’ all year all round.

2.  Lifèßmöothe adds incremental sales and profit to your business

Smoothies provide variety and increase the potential to capture extra sales over and above conventional beverage options.

Traditionally many cafes and restaurants hesitate to offer smoothies to their customers given the preparation time, wastage, and bench space. Lifèßmöothe’s versatile snap-frozen range requires 200ml of any liquid, blend and serve together with no waste and minimal space taken in the freezer. According to Kat from Bulli Beach Café, “We are a busy beachside venue based in the Illawarra and love Lifèßmöothe. The portioned packages help eliminate any product wastage and keep our products consistent. Our customers love the diverse product range and flavours!”.

3.  Smoothies are an effective way to deliver a nutritionally packed meal

Blending snap frozen fresh produce is one of the most effective ways of delivering nutritional goodness in a meal and tracking daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Lifèßmöothe currently form part of the diets of Australia’s elite Athletes, including Hayley Rasso (The Matildas), Carissa Holland (Commonwealth Games Athlete) and Kosta Barbarouses (Sydney FC) and are the premier sponsors for Australia’s leading youth football academy; Futboltec. Working together, they aim to educate young athletes on the importance of nutrition and its fundamental development. Lifèßmöothe is proud to have an accreditation with the Healthy Kids Association and showcased throughout the NSW Healthy Food Finder’s website.

Lifèßmöothe puts the ‘smooth’ in smoothie preparation, zero food waste and no prep time. They are a sustainable, versatile and low-risk option for cafes and foodservice providers who want to add a bit of a difference to their menus.

Lifèßmöothe, smoothies made simple .