Trade shows are one of the oldest forms of product marketing originating in 3,000 BC where merchants would sell their wares to travellers at markets known as “Bazars” in the Middle East.

Five thousand years later in 2022 not much has changed as social connection continues to be integral in how we sell.    

Digital platforms have enabled suppliers to continue business through virtual trade shows when in person interaction was limited, however this restriction has highlighted that there is no substitute to shaking someone’s hand, tasting a product in real life, or having a spontaneous conversation with a potential customer.

In New South Wales, the Foodservice Industry Association Incorporated (FIA) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1985 to organise and manage Hospitality and Catering Expos throughout regional NSW. The events provide an opportunity for members and non-members to promote their products and services to all sectors of the foodservice and associated industries.

Here are 3 great reasons to exhibit with the FIA :

  1. Exposure to Regional Foodservice Outlets

Showcasing your products at a regional trade show provides a great opportunity to connect with local distributors, restaurant, and café owners. After several challenging years of natural disasters and lockdowns, these areas are now experiencing a resurgence in local tourism and activity.

2. A cost effective ‘One stop shop’ for end users

Trade shows are a cost-effective way for suppliers to see a large range of end users and demonstrate how products are prepared through live “cook ups” and sampling. It also provides a one stop shop for end users to see different categories under the one roof.

3. Re-connecting with the foodservice industry

Finally, Trade shows provide an opportunity to meet new people, share industry knowledge and re-connect with old colleagues.

Below are some of the upcoming FIA Trade Shows in NSW, if you are interested in booking a stand or attending, register at

Coffs Harbour Foodservice Trade Show, Coffs Harbour Racing Club, 23 August 2022

Port Macquarie Foodservice Trade Show, Port Macquarie Panthers, 25 August 2022

Riverina Foodservice Trade Show, The Range Function Centre 8-9 November 2022