German glass manufacturer, Spiegelau together with award winning bar manager and mixologist, Stephan Hinz, have created a ten-part glass series specifically for on-premise applications: The Perfect Serve Collection.

The series marries both aesthetics and function, with everything from look, weight, size and volume, to the harsh demands of on-premise service considered in the design. The series comprises four stemmed glasses, four tumblers, and two mixing glasses.

Each tumbler in the series features distinctive lines which indicate a measured pour, and the dimensions of the glasses have been made to fit perfectly in all standard freezers, allowing for comfortable pre-cooling.

“As a bar owner and bartender, I was never one hundred percent satisfied with the existing offer on the market. You couldn’t offer guests something well rounded; you had to work with a mixture of different collections. Therefore, I wanted to create the comprehensive range of practical and well-designed glasses, and I needed a partner who followed the same objectives and visions.

“… It doesn’t matter how versatile gastronomy is, the requirements of a really good glass stay the same. And these are qualities fitting every bar, regardless of concepts or temporary trends.”

Managing director of Spiegelau, Richard Voit, says that the series represents everything a bartender could want for quality barware.

“Our expertise as glassmakers, combined with Stephan’s practical know-how, resulted in this series,” he says.

 “… The glasses are scratch-resistant, robust, and dishwasher safe. Their optimal glass shapes are designed specifically to work with the unique character of drinks, such as the aromatics or the carbonation.”


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