Solotel, which has joined forces with Matt Moran’s MorSol group, has released details of its plans for the iconic Australian Hotel at Central Park.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Solotel and MorSol have merged, with the group acquiring the original hotel building located on the corner site of Broadway and Abercrombie Street, as well as three heritage terrace houses fronting Abercrombie Street.

Constructed in 1938, The Australian Hotel was one of four pubs included within the original Carlton United Brewery site. The refurbished pub will form part of Central Park’s Broadway street frontage within the DUO towers, and is scheduled to reopen in 2018.

“Our refurbishment of the Australian Hotel will see the pub restored to its original art-deco glory including its rear courtyard beer garden,” Bruce Solomon said.

“The Australian was once one of the most important local watering holes in the southern end of the Sydney CBD. It saw a motley crew of Fairfax journalists, Carlton United Brewery staff and local rag-trade workers pass through its doors during the 40s, 50s and 60s.

“Solotel will deliver a contemporary expression within the original heritage character of the pub reminiscent of this bygone era whilst ensuring its seamless integration into the broader Central Park precinct.”

In addition to the refurbishment of the hotel building, the three terrace houses facing Abercrombie Street will be converted into a European-style wine bar.


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