Solotel has confirmed the group is closing down its portfolio of restaurants, pubs and bars as a result of new government restrictions.

Venues across the country have all been shutdown, with restaurants and cafes only able to offer customers takeaway or delivery.

Solotel founder Bruce Solomon said he is devastated by the current state of the industry.

“The Solomon family has proudly been a part of Australia’s hospitality industry for more than a 100 years. We are devastated by what has happened to hospitality and the wonderful people who work within our industry.

“I feel for our staff, their families and everyone in the industry. We hope we will be able to rebuild a stronger Solotel in the future.”

The only Solotel venues that will remain open for business are The Sackville Hotel and Clock Hotel bottle shops.

The group says it is reviewing takeaway options, which could be available in the future.

CEO Justine Baker said the group is “committed to getting the business through this so that we are able to welcome our staff and guests back as soon as we can”.

Solotel runs more than 30 venues across Sydney and Brisbane, with a workforce made up of 1200 employees.

Matt Moran has encouraged the industry to “be brave, be kind and stay positive”.

“We will get through this and will come back stronger when we re-open.”





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