With increased competition and skyrocketing costs, some of the obstacles faced by the hospitality industry can seem insurmountable. That’s why 2017’s Restaurant Leaders Summit is designed to help everyone from front to back of house manage the growing challenges and, of course, reap the rewards of running a well-oiled business.

The Campbelltown Catholic Club’s Paul Rifkin has an impressive track record, managing multiple venues across the club and mentoring young chefs, all while captaining a tight ship.

“Last year, the Campbelltown Catholic Club opened two restaurants – meat prices had jumped 30 percent and wages are the highest they’ve been. Profit is still expected, of course. When the business environment changes due to meat/vegetable price jumps, weather or other abnormal situations, how does one react? That’s what I’m looking forward to discussing at the Restaurant Leaders Summit this year,” said Rifkin, who will share strategies for keeping costs in check.

“When I was opening new venues, I took my eye off the ball of the larger food trade. Costs have been increasing every year for the last 10 years and this has made profits harder to deliver. We have had to react and readjust to tighten costs and refocus.

“My advice is to always keep adjusting and changing. Don’t rely on existing, proven formulas when things keep changing.”

With costs under control, growth becomes the next target. Jason Jelicich of global consultancy Barmetrix will show operators what they can do to maintain momentum.

“At the Restaurant Leaders Summit I’ll be talking about how operators can smash their revenue ceiling. I’ll share some simple and effective strategies you can implement immediately to make your business more profitable with little or no capital investment,” said Jelicich.

With 30 years of studying the art and science of successful bars and restaurants behind him, Jelicich has worked with some of the world’s most highly reputable bars, restaurants and groups including Fontainebleau Miami, Kimpton Hotels, Dead Rabbit, BlackTail, 213 Group, and The ONE Group.

Operators will walk away from Jelicich’s presentation with a comprehensive strategy that will boost beverage revenues and profits during peak trade hours.

Despite the challenges, there has never been a more exciting time to operate a hospitality business in Australia. The nation’s dining scene is thriving, and organisations like Tourism Australia are putting more and more resources behind the industry, boosting our profile on an international scale.

Geoff Ikin, general manager of Global Media and PR for Tourism Australia, will deliver a keynote speech, addressing the organisation’s global Restaurant Australia campaign, including a case study on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards and how Tourism Australia is targeting the high value customer with an interest in food and wine.

Beyond actionable advice and inspirational moments, the day will offer invaluable networking opportunities for attendees. More than any other industry, hospitality is built on comradeship, so don’t miss out on your chance to learn from and connect with your peers.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit restaurantleaders.com.au.



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