Burger Urge has caught the attention of US restaurant giant Sizzler after releasing a sandwich named ‘The Sizzler’.

The concept, which has venues across the country, received a cease and desist letter from the chain’s lawyers over the dish, which features fried chicken, bacon and aioli between two slices of cheese bread.

Burger Urge posted the letter on Instagram, which reads: “It has come to our client’s attention that you are using the trade mark The Sizzler which is substantial and deceptively similar to our client’s registered mark in respect of a chicken sandwich or hamburger …

“We also note that you market the chicken sandwich as being a cheese bread product. Our client’s Sizzler food menu contains a very well-known item, namely, Cheese Toast which is a signature dish …

“Your use of “cheese bread” in association with The Sizzler trade mark increases the likelihood of confusion amongst consumers.”

The letter said Sizzler was seriously concerned and that confusion was “likely to flow from your usage of The Sizzler Mark”.

Burger Urge posted a caption alongside the post, claiming the venue “didn’t think there were any Sizzlers left”, and that the menu item was simply “a tribute”.

The venue has since changed the name of the sandwich to ‘The Sizzle’ and has plans to continue selling it, but Burger Urge spokesperson Ben Kilroy queried the use of cheese bread in a comment to 9 News.

“The last time we checked Sizzler did not invent putting cheese on the bread,” said Kilroy.

Image credit: Burger Urge

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