The World AeroPress Championship will make its way to Sydney where competitors from across the globe will battle it out in a series of rounds.

Single O will host budding champions from 60 countries at Commune on Saturday 17 November, who will compete for the title of 2018 World AeroPress Champion.

Contestants will only have a few minutes to brew a single cup of AeroPress coffee which will then be presented to the judging panel.

Judges will blind taste each coffee and pick the cup they’d most like to finish. The competitor with the highest votes will move to the next round. Single O has selected and roasted the competition coffee which will only be made available to contestants four hours before the event begins.

A ‘world twist’ sausage sizzle will be put on by chefs Palisa Anderson (Chat Thai, Boon Cafe), Stuart Toon (Rocker) and Nick Smith (Rising Sun Workshop), with options including a shoyu-glazed hotdog with wasabi slaw, grilled long eggplant with crisp rice and salad and a vegan smoked chili K-dog. Enmore’s Cow & Moon will be taking care of dessert with a gelato pavlova.

Tickets are on sale for $25 and include Moon Dog Beer Can tinnies.


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