Simplot Australia is providing 200 young chefs, apprentices and culinary students under the age 25 with a 12-month membership in collaboration with the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF).

“We are delighted to be supporting the next generation of young Australian chefs through this partnership and are proud to be working with this great association who have a passion and dedication for the future of the culinary industry,” says Simplot’s Executive Chef David White.

Simplot is working with the ACF to raise the profiles of young chefs throughout Australia and promote up-and-coming culinary talent with an educational and mentoring platform.

ACF Young Chefs will be able to participate in initiatives such as the Young Chef Culinary Exchange Program and the Bill Gallagher Young Chef’s forum.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for young chefs,” says President Karen Doyle says. “Being a member of ACF Young Chefs will demonstrate passion, dedication and ensuring the future of our industry, leading to worldwide networking opportunities, competitions, mentoring, educational and social events.”