ASX-listed equipment funding group Silver Chef Limited (ASX: SIV) plans to significantly scale up the number of training tools, guides, industry information and resources available to hospitality professionals following the acquisition of hospitality industry portal Profitable Hospitality

Since its inception in 1996, Profitable Hospitality has become a leading online resource for cafes, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. Its vision is to support the success and sustainability of operators in the hospitality industry.

The price was not disclosed but will not have a material impact on Silver Chef’s earnings.

Damien Guivarra, chief operating officer for Silver Chef Group said there was a strong alignment between the values and vision of Profitable Hospitality and Silver Chef.

“Over the years, Silver Chef has committed to helping support our customers with business tools and education. For example, our free ‘Starting a Restaurant for Dummies’ book, the annual Hospitality Industry Success Index (HISI) Report, a caf feasibility template, as well as numerous online eBooks and business profiles.

“Silver Chef’s core purpose is to help people (our customers) achieve their dreams, and Profitable Hospitality provides an extra dimension to our offering,” Guivarra said.

Profitable Hospitality is a membership website that provides training manuals, recruitment and staff development tools, cost-control systems, marketing training, blogs, webinars, podcasts, training workshops and much more.

As well as a large network of business support services, downloadable resources and video training available 24/7 online, Profitable Hospitality also specialises in face-to-face training workshops.

Creator Ken Burgin, has been actively involved in restaurants and cafes for more than 20 years. Burgin was the owner of Caffe Troppo and partner in Paganini Restaurant in Sydney, and more recently, has been working closely with business owners in an advisory/consulting role.

Burgin has a clear expertise in the hospitality industry and running successful hospitality businesses and said he is excited to be working closely with Silver Chef.

“Joining the Silver Chef team is a great fit for Profitable Hospitality. Our mission is to make hospitality businesses more popular, profitable, efficient and easy to run.

“It’s a close alignment with the Silver Chef mission to help make business dreams come true,” said Burgin.

Burgin will MC and present at the inaugural Restaurant Leaders Summit on 26 September at Doltone House in Sydney. 

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