Award-winning plant-based chef Shannon Martinez will combine Smith and Daughters with Smith and Deli in one new location in Melbourne’s Collingwood.

The venue will cover dining, takeaway and groceries with an all-in-one production kitchen, deli providore and restaurant.

“I really want to give vegan dining the glamour it’s been missing,” says Martinez. “People will be overwhelmed by the size; it’s definitely the biggest food hub in the country.”

For the first time in its history, Smith and Deli will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing a quick, affordable meal for anyone on the go.

A cafeteria-style serving station will have a selection of deli plates on offer, with a range of hot meals, fresh salads, sides and desserts.

Drinks will be created using a one-of-a-kind soda machine in partnership with StrangeLove, which will also have booze on tap.

The deli will have a range of fresh produce, vegan cheeses, providore meats and pre-made meals along with pastries such as the famous vegan doughnuts.

In addition, the mega venue will also house a revamped Smith and Daughters, which will see room for 80 seated diners surrounding an open kitchen.

“I have been wanting to up the ante for some time and while I was sick I had the time to think about these changes,” says Martinez. “The new space is all the things I’ve wanted to do; now they’re coming to life.” 

The new location is situated on Cambridge Street and is set to open in early November.

More details to come.