Global restaurant brand Sexy Fish will launch its Trinity cocktail menu on 6 March across six continents.

Sydney-based bar talent Matt Whiley from Re- in South Eveleigh has been selected as the representative for Australia, with the drinks available for one night only.

“Re- is thrilled to have been chosen as the Australian counterpart for the launch of Sexy Fish’s new cocktail menu, Trinity,” says Whiley.

“We’ve loved working with Sexy Fish to create their Trinity menu down under, ensuring our sharp focus on local ingredients and sustainability continue to lead the way with drinks, preferencing innovation and taste while minimising waste.”

Director of Bars at Caprice Holdings Xavier Landais has designed the cocktail menu to centre around “the power of three” – aroma, flavour and texture.

The team has developed 16 new cocktails featuring vodka, gin, whisky and tequila as well as four non-alcoholic options.

“This is such an exciting project and the first time we have launched a brand-new menu across six continents on the same day with our full, Sexy Fish menu and original glassware,” says Landais.

“Incredibly, guests visiting our host bars will be able to enjoy the full Sexy Fish experience for one night only, whether they are in Australia, Colombia, South Africa or South Korea.”

Highlights include the Coconut and Lemongrass with coconut-infused vodka, coconut, sake, lime, celery and lemongrass, while the Marshmallow and Raspberry combines marshmallow-infused gin with raspberry, fortified wines and egg white.

Alcohol-free option the Malt and Cinnamon heroes Everleaf Forrest, which is teamed with cinnamon, lemon and Lucky Saint Beer.

Re- will join global host bars Cause Effect in Cape Town, El Baron in Cartagena, Zest in Seoul, with the Sexy Fish menu making its debut in Miami and London, too.