Sash Japanese opens in Sydney

21 February, 2019 by
Annabelle Cloros

Melbourne’s Sash restaurant has arrived in Surry Hills from restaurateurs Dave Nelson and Kyle Stagoll.

The venue has become well known for its sashimi pizzas, Japanese sliders and giant dessert tacos.


“Kyle and I find Sydney dining quite conservative, so we believe it’s ready for something new and quirky that breaks all the rules,” says owner Dave Nelson.

Peter Wu has been appointed executive chef of the Wentworth Avenue restaurant and has designed a menu that will feature all the classics.


Dishes include spicy tuna and wagyu truffle taco, blue cheese sashimi pizza and sake buttermilk Japanese nuggets with maple syrup.

Ex-Go Go Bar bartender Kyle Rose has been appointed head mixologist and has created a number of Japanese-inspired cocktails including Yuzu Cheesecake with yuzu, sake, lemon and green tea and Geisha Girl with cranberry, plum wine, yuzu, sake and lemon juice.


Sash is open dinner on Monday and Tuesday and for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday.