Workers in safety vests checking off a list in a warehouse.

SafeWork NSW has announced a blitz of restaurants, cafes and bakeries using LPG cylinders after a Marrickville baker was critically injured last week.

The 32-year-old baker suffered serious burns to his face, neck and arms following an explosion at the bakery when he attempted to light a portable gas burner.

SafeWork NSW is conducting inspections of food businesses across the state in an effort to prevent further incidents and improve public safety.

SafeWork’s Director of Hazardous Chemical Facilities and Safety Management Audits, Meagan McCool, said portable gas appliances presented many risks and they should only be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

“All portable gas appliances must be certified in accordance with Australian Standards and approved by a certifier accredited by NSW Fair Trading,”  McCool said.

“The use of this equipment indoors puts workers and customers at risk of fire, explosion and asphyxia.

“Businesses should only use them in well-ventilated areas, regularly check for leaks and avoid storing them indoors.”

McCool said SafeWork inspectors had found many businesses were cutting corners on safety by importing portable gas appliances from overseas.

“These imported appliances do not comply with Australian standards and have not been approved by a certifier accredited by NSW Fair Trading,” she said.

“SafeWork is acting now to stop more workers getting injured and prevent customers’ lives being put at risk.”

SafeWork will visit restaurants, cafés, and outdoor events that use portable LPG cylinders to check they are complying with work health and safety laws, and provide safety advice in relation to the safe use and storage of portable LPG appliances and cylinders.


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