According to the RSPCA, more than three-quarters of Australians feel it’s important to consume humanely-sourced ingredients when dining out, and as a result has launched the Choose Wisely initiative.

The initiative includes the launch of a new website, providing consumers with a directory of foodservice businesses that serve humanely-produced food.

Heather Neil, CEO RSPCA Australia said, “We know that people care about animal welfare, and want to ensure the food they eat comes from animals that have been treated humanely.

“By using Choose Wisely to find a caf or restaurant that serves higher welfare food, consumers can now take an active role in improving the lives of farm animals in Australia.”

The site allows users to search for businesses that are serving cage-free eggs and/or higher welfare chicken and pork, by locality or cuisine.

Chef Simon Bryant has thrown his weight behind the initiative. “I’ve noticed how many people now take a huge interest in where their food comes from and they’re rejecting inhumane farming systems. The biggest animal welfare issues are related to layer hens producing eggs, meat chickens and pigs.

“The simple directory makes it easy for us all to do our bit to improve the lives of farm animals produced for food. For anyone who cares about animal welfare, Choose Wisely is the logical choice,” he said.

Participating venues include Matt Wilkinson's Pope Joan (VIC), Adrian Richardson's La Luna (VIC), the Hilton Adelaide (SA), The Commoner (VIC) and Three Beans (NSW), amongst many anothers.

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