Opening in Chatswood Chase on 5 September, Mrs Mi will offer Sydneysiders an authentic taste of Northern China's Shanxi region, but it's prepared with a twist.

With a history that dates back centuries, Shanxi noodles are considered among the best in the world, and at Mrs Mi, a robotic assistant chef will be preparing noodles from Mrs Mi's secret dough recipe.

The process is similar to the one featured in the video below.


"We're excited to bring Mrs Mi to Sydney," said Karen Cigna, head of marketing at Mrs Mi. "So much more than a Chinese restaurant, Mrs Mi offers Sydneysiders the opportunity to travel back in time and discover her favourite street snacks balanced with a new modern health concept. Experiential and nostalgic, the restaurant is dedicated to bringing people together to take time, share and enjoy their food as they did in the 1950s."  

To celebrate the opening of Australia's first Mrs Mi, chef Michael Tan will be creating Asian fusions in the restaurant alongside Mrs Mi's specialty dishes. 

Mrs Mi will be open for lunch and dinner, with a menu featuring street food classics including dumplings, signature knife-sliced stir noodles, soups and traditional regional pancakes. Other dishes include home style fried chicken, stir fried shredded pork with chilli, deep fried Chinese milk dough with sweetened condensed milk and beef brisket and tendon stew with rice.






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