Delivery company Foodora has been ordered to pay an ex-rider $15,559 after losing an unfair dismissal case.

The Fair Work Commission found Foodora terminated Josh Klooger’s contract in a “harsh, unjust and unreasonable manner” after he spoke out against the business. The FWC also found Klooger was an employee, not an independent contractor.

Klooger raised a number of issues on TV and at rallies including the shocking reality he received just $7 per delivery and was not paid an hourly rate.

It was also alleged Foodora demanded Klooger hand over ownership of a Whatsapp group filled with more than 250 riders, alleging he was “potentially breaching confidentiality and intellectual property rights”,  by discussing workplace issues. After Klooger refused, Foodora terminated his contract via email.

The payout is the latest blow for the company, which entered voluntary administration in August.

Administrators confirmed the company owes more than $8 million to employees, the ATO and state authorities.

Klooger was surprised but satisfied with the win. “Riders should be able to earn a decent living and not see their wages continually slashed,” he told reporters.

“They should be able to stand up and challenge employers when changes are introduced that affect their livelihoods. I hope this ruling prompts the government to do the right thing by riders and ensure they have protections at work.”

Image credit: Phys