Yesha Callahan didn’t think twice when she put up a three-star Yelp review of her food order — until the restaurant manager turned up at her house at 10pm to talk about it.

After Callahan received her order from La Porchetta in Virginia, USA, the delivery driver suggested she rate her experience on Yelp. Callahan proceeded to describe her order which consisted of a “dry and unseasoned” cheeseburger and soggy zeppoles.

A few hours later, Callahan heard a knock at the door and received two missed calls and a voicemail from an unknown number.

After listening to the message, Callahan discovered it was the restaurant manager who had found her address and driven to her home to discuss the review.

Callahan contacted the police and proceeded to update her three-star review to one star, recapping the alarming experience.

“I originally gave this place a 3 star review. But now it’s being reduced to one star because the manager showed up at my house on a Sunday night at 10 pm because he obviously wasn’t pleased with the review and wanted to talk,” she writes.

“He repeatedly called my phone to let me know he was standing outside my door. I do not answer my door late at night for anyone. How dare you show up at my house! What kind of business are you running?”

The business owner of Porchetta responded to the review on Yelp.

“It [was] clearly [a] misjudgement from our manager to go to your house at 10pm. Grubhub had the wrong description of just a burger and that was the only reason why our manager went to your house; to give you a replacement order and explain it and personally apologize [sic] to you.”

Yelp has addressed the matter via Twitter, indicating that the company was investigating the venue and had terminated its contract with delivery partner GrubHub for violation of their terms of service.

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