Matt Whiley’s Re- in Sydney’s South Eveleigh have unveiled their new drinks offering giving a second life to commonly wasted food items.

The Re- team has created a list of 100 pantry staples from the 10 most-wasted food items which now feature across their drinks list.

Some of the items on the top ten list include: bread, dairy, bananas, rice, chicken and eggs, leafy greens, apples, tomatoes, seafood shells and root vegetables.

“For this menu, we’ve turned each of the world’s most-wasted food items into 100 pantry staples,” explains Whiley.

“From here, we will create recipes with these ingredients, offering an ever-evolving list of cocktails and drinks.”

The launch menu features ten cocktails, one for each of the top wasted food items.

Some of the drinks include a tipple giving tomato a new life as tomatoboshi served with tanqueray and koji cured banana skin vermouth along with root vegetables starring in a creation of Hay Ketel One, Mr Black X Re Coffee Liqueur, caramelised carrot and potato coffee.

Re-‘s classic cocktail list will also utilise the pantry staples going forward.

The concept is in line with Re-‘s focus on sustainability, which sees Matt Whiley as a leader in the environmental-conscious charge across the industry.

“We developed Re- with an overriding commitment to sustainability with a minimal-waste mentality and so this new menu is going to help us maintain this ethos,” continues Whiley.

“We think about waste all wrong – food waste isn’t mouldy stuff, it is more often perfect produce that someone doesn’t want.”

Re- is set to create 100 drink recipes with these pantry staples over the next few months.