A Queensland caf that was badly damaged following a gas explosion has been demolished.

An out of control ute crashed into the back of Serves You Right caf, Ravenshoe on 9 June, causing a gas explosion which injured 21 people including the Nicole Dempsey, the daughter of the owners of the cafe, who died later in hospital as a result of her injuries.

Dempsey, 37, was managing the caf while her parents were travelling overseas.

Margaret Clark, 82, was the second person to die as a result of the explosion.

The caf was demolished on Thursday 30 July. Speaking with ABC News, Tablelands regional councillor, Shaaron Linwood said that a community development officer has been appointed to liaise with the Ravenshoe residents, and that the clearing of the site will provide some closure for the community.

"To help people through the next 12 months of recovery from this it's good for me to know that there's somebody there that's liaising with the community and just working through with them with all the issues and some of the possibilities and trying to bring some positives out of a distressing incident," Linwood told ABC News.

"People have been wondering what is going to happen, so I guess for many in a traumatic time like this now that the cafe is down it's the closure of one page and perhaps the opening of another and a path to the community with their recovery, moving on."


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