R U OK? is providing additional support resources for the hospitality industry during the current lockdowns.

As the industry faces ongoing disruptions and difficulties R U OK? will be running two webinars next week for business owners and workers.

Webinar one will be held 23 August for hospitality business owners, leaders and employees, while webinar two on 24 August will cover employees and staff.

R U OK? CEO Katherine Newton and CEO of the Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body Tony Green will lead the sessions and cover different ways employers and staff can stay connected during these trying times.

Added tools and resources will be provided in a Mateship Manual, which includes posters, online courses and a conversation guide on how to approach a workmate who is struggling.

The resources promote a work culture that encourages work teams to look out for one another on the floor, in the kitchen and during shifts.

Research conducted in 2018 has informed the initiative, with findings showing 50 per cent of workers in the last year had wanted someone to ask them if they were okay.

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