Merivale’s Queen Chow is set to open its doors on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on 9 July.

Patrick Friesen and Eric Koh will spearhead the Manly venue, offering Cantonese food that showcases Australian produce.

“We wanted to create a place that echoes the sentiment of neighbourhood Chinese restaurants of years past, where people come often and with the people they love the most,” says Friesen. “Your local Chinese, with all the favourites, cooked beautifully.”

The menu showcases Australian seafood, with mud crab, oysters, prawns, Moreton Bay bugs, pippies, scallops and lobster all present on the menu.

Appetisers include wonton soup and BBQ Peking duck with mains covering garlic butter king prawns, honey king prawns and half shell scallops with XO vermicelli.

Enmore’s signature BBQ platters of roast duck and honey-glazed char siu pork will also be available at the Manly location.

Dumpling master Koh will offer favourites including scallop and prawn siu mai, prawn har gau, jade seafood, pork xiao long bao and egg custard tarts.

Franck Moreau and Adrian Filiuta have designed the wine list which features more than 200 classic, organic, bio dynamic and premium local and international wines. A selection of signature drinks have also made the move from Papi Chulo.

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