Executive chef Peter Gilmore has confirmed his signature dessert, the Snow Egg, will not return to Quay’s menu when the restaurant reopens in July.

The Snow Egg shot to global fame after it appeared on MasterChef Australia, and has been a staple on Quay’s menu for 10 years.

Gilmore broke the news on Instagram, confirming the fears of dessert fans everywhere.

“We broke the news this morning that the Snow Egg will not be returning to the Quay menu,” says Gilmore. “I am very proud of [the] Snow Egg and it is a little sad to say goodbye, but to [be] creative in the future, you have to let go of the past.”

Quay will close for a major renovation on 1 April and is set to reopen in July with a new menu and refreshed fit-out.

Over its 10-year history, the Snow Egg has had over 20 flavours including guava, strawberry, white peach and mulberry.

The restaurant has made 500,000 Snow Eggs over its lifespan and 70 per cent of guests still order it for dessert.

“We know this is going to cause outrage, who knew one little dessert could have such a snow ball effect? But rest assured, whatever Peter comes up with will exceed eggpectations,” adds John Fink.

The final Snow Egg’s flavour is custard apple and manogsteen fool with pear granita and custard apple ice cream.

The eight-textured chocolate cake and congee will also retire.

Image credit: Nikki To


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