Lou Dowling and Mike Bennie

In good news for the wine-lovers of Sydney’s east, the city’s hottest bottleshop has opened a second shopfront on Oxford Street, Paddington – and this time, there’s the chance to drink on location.

Much like the original Enmore store, P&V Paddington will retain a focus on natural and fermented wines, alongside other experimental varietals that tend to get overlooked in your standard bottle-o. In addition to wine, there will be a selection of craft beers, experimental spirits, sake, and a number of exciting alcohol-free options.

Once you’ve selected your drink of choice, the two-in-one Paddington concept gives you the option to crack it open and enjoy it in the 30-seat courtyard out back (for a small corkage fee).

When co-founders Lou Dowling and Mike Bennie first opened P&V Merchants in Enmore in 2017, they took the same elevated approach to their wine, beer and spirits as they did to their takeaway food options, offering ‘TV Dinners’ that consisted of boil-in-a-bag meals such as roast chicken with herb butter and lemon-brined spatchcock.

P&V Paddington builds on this food focus with a dedicated French-style bistro, Porcine, on the upper level of the building. Although Porcine will operate independently from P&V – led by Nicholas Hill (ex-chef at The Old Fitz) and Harry Levy (ex-chef at Don Peppino’s) – the space will be used to host P&V’s pop-ups and masterclasses, as well as for neighbourhood wine and snack parties.

Hill will also make patés and charcuterie specifically for the wine bar, and the presence of the upstairs restaurant will no doubt be a drawcard for those interested in the one-two knockout of fine wine and good food.

P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants Paddington is now open at 268 Oxford Street, Paddington. Porcine is set to open mid-March.

Image credits: Maclay Heriot