The Northern Territory, famous for its pristine environment, stunning scenery and spiritual landscapes, is about to become the home of the newest Australian water to hit the domestic and international beverages market.

Drawn from the ancient South Alligator Dolostone aquifer located in Acacia Hills, 50km from Darwin in the Northern Territory, NT Beverages’ Akuna Blue, Akuna Springs and Akuna Custom is pure artesian water free from chemicals and additives.

The naturally abundant artesian water has incredible health benefits with high alkalinity to balance the body’s PH level and aid digestion, low sodium for heart health and 50 percent of the daily silica content for healthy hair, skin and nails. The low sodium content isn’t only good news for heart health but also does not overpower your palate when dining out.

Akuna Blue is NT Beverages’ premium product range, available in both still and sparkling varieties in 375ml and 750ml glass bottles.

Akuna Blue's premium glass packaging has already been nominated for multiple design awards featuring an indigenous embossed print and bunting on the bottle to be poured like a fine wine.

Exclusive stainless-steel, LED lit, crafted docking stations have been developed for restaurants and cafes to ensure the 750ml bottle stays elegantly lit all night.


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