Restaurant delivery platform Providoor has expanded to Brisbane, with orders opening from today.

The company, founded by Chef Shane Delia in 2020, originally launched in Victoria before moving to New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

While Providoor was incepted during the height of the pandemic, Delia says the service will continue on as the industry navigates the path forward.

“Providoor wasn’t set up as a quick fix,” says the Maha chef. “We have a long-term strategy and our expansion to Queensland is the next step in transforming the culinary experience.”

Queensland restaurants including La Costa, Brisbane Phoenix, Stanley and Felons Brewing are some of the first venues listed on the platform, with more partners coming on board in the coming weeks.

People living in Northern New South Wales will also be able to order from Brisbane-based restaurants for the first time.

“As an industry-led solution, the ongoing success of Providoor in Melbourne and Sydney has done a lot of good for the hospitality sector during hard times, and has also shown the untapped demand for premium restaurant delivery services,” says Delia.

The company has generated more than $74 million for restaurants and has delivered over 850,000 meals in less than two years.

Brisbane deliveries will commence from 24 February.