For more than 35 years, PremierNorthpak has been recognised as a market leader in delivering sustainable food packaging products and solutions to Australia’s cafés, patisseries, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, food-to-go chains, and fast-food businesses.

Good packaging not only holds your food, but it also frames it and creates a positive and lasting impression with customers. PremierNorthpak’s extensive range of more than 4,000 lines includes an array of designs, materials, colours, and functions, allowing you to select products that suit your vision and requirements. The brand’s in-house design team are also able to create a wide range of customised packaging solutions. PremierNorthpak is committed to selling and using environmentally friendly products that can be recycled, re-used, or disposed of according to responsible waste practices. Visit the PremierNorthpak team at stand C40 to find out more.