Sydney’s hospitality industry was thrilled to be reunited at PorkStar’s first event for 2021 earlier in the week.

Chefs and food industry professionals gathered together at Nino Zoccali’s Pendolino restaurant in The Strand to sample a menu of pork and hear about the positive strides the industry is making.

“An integral part of foodservice is the people,” says Kylie Edwards, PorkStar marketing manager.

“Chefs ultimately build intimate relationships with their diners through food and that transcends behind-the-scenes, through the connection they have with their staff and their peers. Not being able to engage with one another face-to-face has been tough.”

But thankfully, the situation is on the up, with pork farmers experiencing a surge in demand over the past year.

Zoccali curated a menu which began with trotter and pork bone broth and was followed by a blonde Bolognese and pork tournedos with beetroot rapa, autumn vegetables, fennel spice and pork fat Dutch cream potato.

The event marks the 17th year of Australian Pork Limited’s PorkStar program, which showcases chefs and producers and aims to put pork on more menus around the country.