After taking over its neighbouring space, Porch and Parlour has reopened on Bondi’s Campbell Parade.

After opening in 2010, Porch and Parlour recently acquired the neighbouring site, adding 40 seats to its capacity.

“Our intension was to improve the flow and functionality of the space but hold onto the old Porch feel. We sourced timber from old Sydney Harbour Bridge formwork to craft the furniture and fittings, which not only has historical but sentimental value as our relatives worked on the Bridge construction in 1932,” said co-owner Sarah Hendriks.

Hendriks and co-owner/executive chef Sam Smith have also welcomed Alexander Relic as a new partner. Relic has a strong hospitality background and has worked in a range of establishments ranging live music venues to fine dining restaurants. He’s also lead bar teams at several Keystone Group venues and managed Low 302 in Surry Hills.

“Our vision is to draw on our surroundings and ethos when it comes to hospitality and essentially provide a relaxed, warm and textured atmosphere. We’ve paid attention to all the finer details within the venue from the food, to the drinks and venue fit out to give our customers a complete experience we believe in and want to share,” said Relic.

The menu comprises fresh, seasonal produce crafted by Sam Smith together with head chefs Mark Mansfield and Daniel Brown.

“We hope to be a proven destination spot for not only Bondi locals but greater Sydney and beyond. Our biggest hurdle previously was the limited space and consequent queues. However more seats means less time on the waitlist and more time enjoying the Porch and Parlour experience,” said Hendriks.


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