A new vegan eatery specialising not only in plant-based foods but also sustainable and traceable coffee has just has opened in Melbourne.

Aptly named Power Plant, the Templestowe caf will be serving up traceable and ethically sourced food offerings for breakfast and lunch, together with coffee from sustainable coffee roasters, Richmond’s Clark St Coffee.

“Our approach is to provide healthy and delicious plant-based recipes that invigorate and excite both the body and the palate,” says Johanna Maguire, one of the founders of Power Plant.

“We know that every great caf needs to deliver beautiful coffee that locals can enjoy as an enhancement of the experience, so it was a natural fit to team with Clark St Coffee Roasters and their Espresso Syndicate offering.”

Tom Ervin-Ward, head barista trainer at Clark St Coffee Roasters, says the traceability and transparency of the coffee sourced and roasted by the team are central to the Roaster's business.

“A crucial step in the process is ensuring that the coffee is prepared and extracted correctly delivering a true reflection of the character and notes intended by the roaster and inherent in the coffee,” says Tom Ervin-Ward.

“Power Plant has embraced our recommendation and it has been an enjoyable experience to work with a group invested in the sustainability message and a commitment to delivering the best coffee possible with Espresso Syndicate and the Clark St Coffee offerings.”

Power Plant is located at 2-6 Swilk Street Templestowe and is open five days. Power Plant is currently serving a sample menu with the full menu roll out commencing 9 November, 2015.  



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