PEERLESS JAL now offers unique, world-leading hygiene technology with a new range of intelligent housekeeping and dishwashing systems that are simple, intuitive and convenient.

Designed and developed by Hagleitner International, an Austrian company at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning and hygiene industries, each system is safe, efficient and easy to use.

Importantly, each unit employs important RFID technology. This ensures that only the correct cleaning cartridge can be inserted, eliminating any potentially dangerous product mix-ups.

Not only is chemical cross-contamination a thing of the past, but so too is water wastage.

INTEGRAL 2GO is the most precise dosing system in its class, an environmentally responsible housekeeping system that uses up to 80% less water than standard devices.

The dosing pump ensures the exact dosage of detergent independent of water pressure, viscosity and temperature and water. This significantly reduces any unnecessary water waste costs commonly associated with similar systems, and in turn helps to preserve the environment.

As such, INTEGRAL 2GO has been awarded both the Eu and Austrian Eco labels for environmental excellence.

The intuitive touchscreen display also makes operation simple, and the closed system protects users from coming into contact with any of the six concentrated cleaning agents, including HYGIENIC DES 2GO, an unscented, neutral surface disinfectant with powerful antibacterial properties for superior infection protection.

Remarkably, just one 2.6 litre cartridge can provide up to 1,300 litres of ready-to-use solution, making INTEGRAL 2GO the most efficient system in its class.

“We have trialled the INTEGRAL 2GO system for two months now at the Augustiner Brewery, a place where much dirt accumulates and a lot of cleaning is necessary,” says Rainer Herbe, Director of the Augustiner Brewery in Munich, Germany.

“We never want to give it back for the simple reason that the system is easy to use for the cleaning crew – clear and manageable. We have full cost control, and of course the high cleaning quality.”

Like its housekeeping counterpart, INTEGRAL 4PLUS is also a leader in its class, and a true industry game-changer. It combines highly concentrated cleaners for dishes and glasses, highly concentrated rinse-aid, and a truly innovative dosing system that is as efficient as it is intelligent.

One cartridge of detergent can perform up to 1,500 washes thanks to a patented formula and best of all, INTEGRAL 4PLUS includes an intuitive app that connects via Bluetooth™ to provide its user with both real time data and remote assistance on-the-go.

How many dishes have been washed? How much water being used? Is the cleaner running out? Hagleitner will let you know.

In fact, the app will help troubleshoot in real time any questions or challenges, and make available via email a comprehensive data-driven report to help plan for future cleaning requirements.

Without interruption, and without incident, INTEGRAL 4PLUS truly is the most intelligent dosing system in its class.

Both Hagleitner systems are now available from Peerless JAL. Please call 1800 800 248 or visit for further details.



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