Foodservice operators can get the best of both worlds with Rummo pasta, enjoying the convenience of a ready-made product combined with slow processing techniques that guarantee the pasta’s integrity is maintained.

The company’s tagline, ‘Lenta Lavorazione’ is the method it works by, which comes directly from the traditional and artisan way of making pasta. The Lenta Lavorazione method, thanks to continued research into excellence in each phase of the production process, manages to keep the high protein content of the superior quality flour used, which guarantees a pasta that holds it shape and texture when cooked.

Rummo has a higher protein content than other products on the market, ensuring it holds its shape for longer. Selecting the best raw materials and working the dough for the right amount of time guarantees that the protein bonds are established but not overworked. It also ensures that every batch of Rummo pasta is al dente.

Rummo pasta is also bronze die extruded, a traditional process that gives the pasta a rougher surface, ensuring sauce sticks to it and gives even coverage. This means you can use less sauce on the dish. 

Despite being in its sixth generation of pasta making, Rummo is well aware of the needs of modern day foodservice establishments, and as such has an extensive range of pasta varieties on offer, including a gluten-free and whole wheat range.

Since 2008 Rummo pasta products have been available through Conga Foods in Australia.

For more information on Rummo Pasta head to

Conga Foods Head Office
150 Newland Road
Coburg North
VIC 3058
Customer Service: 03 9487 9500


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