OzHarvest’s ForPurposeCo. has launched innovative technology to help the hospitality industry combat food waste.

Winnow helps chefs measure, monitor and reduce food waste by giving them information to drive change within their organisation.

The measurement and analytics tool allows commercial kitchens to understand the volume and financial value of the food waste generated within their business, which can save up to 70 per cent of food waste.

Since Winnow launched in 2013, chefs using the technology have saved up to 15 million meals a year from being wasted.

OzHarvest’s Ronni Kahn believes multiple solutions are needed to tackle the global issue, requiring the efforts of multiple businesses, government and individuals.

“While OzHarvest continues to lead the way in saving food waste and providing quality rescued food to vulnerable people, we started ForPurposeCo. to look at other global solutions out there that can drive positive change,” says Kahn.

“Through this important partnership, ForPurposeCo. is now able to promote and provide Winnow’s technology within the Australian and New Zealand market, complementing OzHarvest’s food rescue solution [and] extending our reach and impact even further.”


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