This content was provided to Hospitality by Orderup! and FoodByUs.

The hospitality industry is in desperate need of a helping hand. As the doors of food establishments slowly re-open, budgets are small and worry is high.

If the hospitality industry is going to recover, we need smart thinking. Cost and operational efficiency is paramount. Lockdown put earnings into hibernation, and if establishments are going to make a sustainable profit — they need to save money.

Enter two Aussie companies — Orderup! and FoodByUs. These companies are from the opposite sides of the hospitality services pipeline.

FoodByUs is a free-to-use online platform which collates all the best food suppliers in one place. Establishments can purchase food and supplies from a range of suppliers at wholesale prices. OrderUp! is the leading online ordering platform, an easy and efficient system for contactless pick-up, delivery and table orders.

Both companies are doing their bit to help the hospitality industry. OrderUp! provides unrivalled operational efficiency which is hassle free and cost-saving. FoodByUs means establishments can get the best possible deal on their food supplies.  And now— for the good of the industry — the pair have teamed up. OrderUp! customers now receive $200 of FoodByUs vouchers.

On average, FoodByUs saves venues 15% on food costs. Imagine the impact of $200 free supplies at this rate. OrderUp! is passionate about the welfare of the hospitality industry. They’ve transformed thousands of businesses from struggling to viable, by providing a tool which really works. It’s this mission which has driven them to pair up with FoodByUs. These two companies genuinely want to see Aussie hospo businesses flourish again.

We’re beginning to eat out again. Families and friends are starting to gather. Hospitality staff are called back to work. But, the fact remains, a lot of money has been lost.

Establishments need help to find operational and cost efficiencies. For real profit, we need innovation and generosity. That’s exactly what OrderUp! and FoodByUs already provide. Team them up, and you’ve got a real recipe for success. The hospitality industry stands to benefit hugely from this partnership.

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