Pleasure Club's Sabrina Medcalf, Nick Zavadzsky, James Thorpe and Jordan Blackman. By Yusuke Oba.

Newtown’s King Street is set to be home to the group’s new live music basement bar Pleasure Club.

Scheduled to open mid-year, the venue will have a 4am licence – the first of its kind to be issued in the area in 100 years.

The 120-person bar will host a seven-day roster of free live bands that is expected to include a range of styles from jazz, to blues and rock n’ roll.

The plan is for diverse drink list to include creative cocktails, alongside local and international beer and spirit offerings and a mix of natural and vintage wines.

“We plan to blow up the status quo of what your average live music bar is presenting … Pleasure Club will be a celebration, homage, scrapbook; something that ignites or reignites a pleasure in your present or past—beyond that, we don’t like to make a lot of rules,” says Group Operations & Entertainment Manager, Sabrina Medcalf.

“We will be performing all our own stunts so to speak, there will be no limitations for us to pull the curtain open at 1:00am and offer up the coolest band you’ve seen in some time.”

Pleasure Club is set to be a spot for any occasion, whether it’s a pre-dinner drink, place to spend the evening for live music or the final destination of the night.

The venue comes with Odd Culture Group’s commitment to support the live music and late-night entertainment scene in Sydney.

“We get bucket loads of emails from artists, each band gets time of day, I listen to each track and basically form a bill from there,” continues Medcalf.

“It’s an almost impossible task to feed the hunger that punters have for real experiences and entertainment, everyone is so so hungry.”

The Odd Culture Group also run The Duke of Enmore which is set to celebrate 666 days of live music since they acquired the venue in 2020.

Pleasure Club is set to open mid-year, with updates via