To celebrate its third birthday, Sydney's O Bar and Dining has released a new menu that has been inspired by owner Michael Moore’s healthy eating philosophy.

Described by Moore as ‘hedonistic yet health-conscious’ dining, Moore together with head chef Darren Templeman has created a contemporary menu that embraces healthy eating without compromising on flavour.

“The aim was to combine my personal experience as a diabetic and knowledge as a chef and subtly ‘repackage’ healthy eating in a contemporary environment without compromising on integrity and flavour, fun & enjoyment.,” says Moore.

“It isn’t just about cutting out the fat, salt and sugar, but rethinking the whole game plan. Our menu is based on whole foods using locally sourced and sustainable produce.”

A key part of delivering the new menu is O Bar and Dining’s new Roburta Grill which now takes centre stage in the kitchen. The grill can reach temperatures of over 500 degrees enabling the venue’s chefs to flash-sear produce to deliver a clean flavour profile and resulting in light and healthy dishes.


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