New York’s db Bistro Moderne will appeal a US$1.3 million dollar fine handed down after a retired lawyer ingested wire accidentally served with his coq au vin.

According to NY Post, Barry Brett dined at chef Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne – which specialises in “classic French bistro fare with the flavours of the American market” – in 2015 when he swallowed a one inch bristle from one of the kitchen’s wire brushes.

Brett had to leave the restaurant and reportedly suffered a potentially fatal infection as a result of the wire becoming lodged in his throat.

In late October, a New York jury ruled that the restaurant had been negligent, awarding Brett US$300,000 and fining the restaurant an additional $1,000,000 in punitive damages. $11,000 was also awarded to Brett’s wife, The Guardian reports.

P.J. Bottarri, lawyer for for db Bistro Moderne, said he will appeal the verdict.

Boulud operates venues in New York City, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Boston. His restaurants include his Michelin-starred flagship, Daniel, as wel, as Cafe Boulud, Bar Boulud and DBGB Kitchen & Bar.


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