The NSW Government has returned as the gold sponsor for the 2015 Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards.

The Awards are designed to recognise the ongoing efforts of NSW seafood businesses and the 2015 event marks the third time that the NSW government has endorsed the event, following gold sponsorship in 2011 and 2013.

NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair says that NSW Government is proud to support the Awards.

“The Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards is a chance to recognise those in the industry that are the “best of the best”, leaders of industry in their field whether it be production, post harvest or those striving to achieve better environmental outcomes for the seafood industry,” says Blair.

“The seafood industry is an integral part of our coastal and inland communities and our consumption of seafood is steadily growing. Consumers can be confident that our seafood is harvested sustainably and is of the highest quality thanks to stringent management and food safety plans."

General manager of the Sydney Fish Market, Bryan Skepper says that the Gold Sponsorship by the NSW Government is greatly appreciated by the Market.

“There is no doubt that we share the same vision for a sustainable fishing industry and are equally committed to working together to achieve this,” says Skepper.

“Industry sponsorship is integral to the success of the Seafood Excellence Awards. The generous support of the NSW Government elevates the awards on to a public stage for all to appreciate the hard working people of the seafood industry.”

The Awards will be held at the Sydney Seafood School located at Sydney Fish Market on Thursday 27 August.

The event will bring together and reward the industry’s top players including commercial fishers and aquaculturists, retailers, experts, wholesalers and restaurateurs as well as key government and environmental agencies, media and gastronomers.


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