The United Nation’s cultural agency, Unesco is tipped to grant cultural heritage status to the making of North Korean pickled cabbage dish, kimchi.

Unesco status is granted to cultural practices, traditions and arts that the agency deems deserving of ongoing protection to preserve cultural diversity around the globe.

The making of the South Korean version of the dish has already been recognised by the agency been worthy of the title, and now the North Korean method is set to follow suit.

As reported by the BBC, North Korean kimchi differs from the South Korean version in that it is less red and less spicy due to a lesser (or often zero) concentration of chillies.

According to the Unesco nomination documents, the making of kimchi is deeply enmeshed in North Korea's cultural heritage.

"Koreans traditionally get together in late November and early December to make enough kimchi to last through the peninsula's long hard winter,” reads the nomination document.

“The tradition contributes to social unity since it is practised in the whole society involving neighbourhoods, relatives, villages and organisations," it added.

In addition to North Korean kimchi making, the preparation of Arabic coffee is also expected to gain Unesco cultural heritage status.

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