Solotel’s North Bondi Fish will ‘hibernate’ as the cooler season kicks in, with a Japanese izakaya-style pop-up taking its place.

Matt Moran says the concept will be something different for the east.

“I’ve lived in the area for 15 years, and always pined for more great options to eat out locally in winter when you’re craving something a little more comforting,” he says.

“One of the most challenging things was fitting everything we’ve been experimenting with, inspired by many winter trips to Japan, onto the menu.”

North Bondi Nami will launch in June with a menu co-designed by Moran and Head Chef James Green.

Nami will serve up ramen, gyoza, made-to-order egg sandos and weekend banquets. Moran also says there will be a revolving roster of specials made available during the pop-up’s duration.

The menu will put local produce front and centre, with tonkotsu ramen showcasing Berkshire pork belly and a shellfish option featuring local bugs.

The dessert menu will cover sweeter options such as matcha choux and a cream sando.

North Bondi’s cocktail offering will also be overhauled, with ingredients such as wasabi, kombu and shiso anchoring new additions.

Premium large-format Japanese sake, shochu and umeshu will also be served alongside local and international wines.

North Bondi Fish will remain in operation until 6 June, with a spring 2021 return.

Nami will open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner from 18 June.