Wine Nomad Restaurant

Nomad have announced the launch of Nomad Wine School, which will offer masterclasses which will take place at the China Heights Gallery above the Surry Hills restaurant.

The venue’s director of wine, Simon Howland, will host the classes which will cover wine styles, grape varieties, viticulture and wine-making history.

Nomad will run two programs, the first is a monthly 5.5-hour structured course that will encompass basic wine tasting along with the impact of geography, climate and winemaker personality on Australian wines.

The second will take place on weekdays and focus on a specific theme each month.

“NOMAD invests a lot of time and effort into our wine offering,” says Howland. “These classes are a way of sharing our journey.”

Saturday Wine School

11:00am to 4:30pm

Saturday 21 July 2018

  1. Saturday 18 August 2018

  2. Saturday 1 September 2018

  3. Saturday 6 October 2018

  4. Saturday 3 November 2018


Weekday Evening Masterclasses

7:00pm to 8:30pm

  1. Tuesday 24 July 2018: NOMAD Winter Wines

  2. Tuesday 14 August 2018: What is Natural Wine?

  3. Monday 3 September 2018: NOMAD Spring Selection

  4. Tuesday 9 October 2018: Winemaker or Vineyard, who really makes the wine?

  5. Tuesday 26 November 2018: NOMAD Festive Wines


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