Noble Spirits has begun distributing a range of organic whiskies from American distillery KOVAL. The range includes KOVAL Bourbon, Four Grain, Rye, and Millet.

KOVAL Bourbon is a naturally gluten-free spirit comprised of 51 percent corn and 49 percent millet bottled at 47 percent ABV.  KOVAL Four Grain has a mash bill blend of oat, malted barley, rye, and wheat while KOVAL Rye and Millet are single grain whiskeys distilled with 100 percent rye and 100 percent millet from the Midwest, bottled at 40 percent ABV.

All whiskeys are certified organic and kosher, single barrel expressions aged up to four years in new American Oak barrels. All whiskies are made using only the ‘heart cut’ of the distillate, making a bright, clean whiskey.

 “There is a growing aspiration for Australian consumers to appreciate more genuine and higher quality alcoholic beverages and this is where we want to be positioned,” said Grgoire Bertaud, founder of Noble Spirits.

Founded in 2008 by Robert and Sonat Birnecker, Koval is Chicago’s first distillery since Prohibition. KOVAL is imported to Australia exclusively through Noble Spirits and is available from independent retailers and premium bars across Australia.

Robert-and-Sonat-Birnecker.jpgRobert and Sonat Birnecker




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