A video released by Transport for NSW has been slammed by Sydneysiders and opponents of the city’s lockout laws, prompting a satirical come-back that’s now being shared widely across social media.

The original video was aimed at promoting the nightlife around Haymarket, which is currently being affected by the $2 billion Sydney light rail project.

It shows former X-Factor contestant, Jayden Rodrigues and a group of his friends “checking out some of the coolest spots that the whole crew can enjoy.” These include the Chinatown night markets on Dixon Street, Event cinemas on George Street and the VR Corner, an arcade in Chinatown.

The video has been heavily criticised by opponents of the city’s lockout laws (introduced in 2014) and foodservice operators who argue that the restrictions have killed the city’s nightlife and forced many businesses to shut up shop.


Lobby group, Keep Sydney Open said “The video’s portrayal of a night out is abysmally lame. It’s more like a birthday party for an 11 year old. If the government sincerely wants people to enjoy a night out in the city, perhaps they should remove the curfew which sends the opposite message.”

Dylan Behan, a freelance video editor and editor of the ABC’s The Checkout program has released his own satirical version of the video, showing empty streets, for lease signs and dormant businesses.


Earlier this year, SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin caused a stir by starring in a similar video. It was a parody of Tourism Australia’s “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign featuring Lara Bingle, and showed Lee Lin Chin posing the question in a deserted Kings Cross street.


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